App is crashing in BES Secure Work Space Container

SubhaMuralidharan.6484SubhaMuralidharan.6484 USMember
edited December 2015 in Xamarin.Android


We have created an Android app using Xamarin.Forms. App is working fine in release mode, but after wrapping and resigning the apk in order to run in BES secure workspace container, app is crashing on load. We are able to install the app, but unable to open, while opening the app it is crashing. Same app in iOS working fine after wrapping and resigning.

Is there any compatibility issue between Xamarin.Android & BES or Android with BES, I researched on this, but not getting clarified solution, still researching.

We then thought, issue could be because of app, hence created simple hello world app, even that also not working after putting inside container.

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