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Page navigation arguments and app lifecycle

AloisDenielAloisDeniel FRUniversity ✭✭
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I wonder how navigation between pages with Xamarin.Forms respects target platforms navigation paradigms.

Currently, I'm just passing my navigation arguments to created pages (await Navigation.PushAsync(new CustomerPage(identifier));), but I'd like to know how it is interpreted by Xamarin.Forms in case of an application restoration after the app has been killed by the system.

For example, on Android an activity should be independent, and be able to recreate its complete context only from its associated Intent. Same for me on Windows platforms, the system can kill the entire application at any time, and a page should be recreated only from its navigation arguments that are serialized and the only element restored.

How is this managed on Xamarin.Forms ? Is the constructor navigation a good pattern ?

Thanks for your help !

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