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December 19, Curitiba, Brazil, Xamarin 4 Hackathon! Lets build Great Mobile Apps

WilliamSRodzWilliamSRodz BRInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

Title: Xamarin 4 Hackathon, Lets build Great Mobile Apps.
Date: Saturday, December 19, 2015
Time: All day, starts 09:00 AM
Location: Rua Comendador Araujo, nº 143, Curitiba, Brazil

Hosted by: DotNet Curitiba
Link to RSVP:

Come celebrate Xamarin 4, and start build some ideas, and learning how to build, test, monitor, and accelerate native iOS and Android mobile app development in C#

We will cover:

  • Xamarin 4,
  • Xamarin.Forms 2.0,
  • Xamarin Test Cloud & the Test Recorder,
  • Xamarin Insights,
  • the new iOS build experience in Visual Studio and more...

Título: Xamarin 4 Hackathon
Data: 19 de dezembro de 2015
Horário: Evento para o dia todo iniciando as 09h
Onde: Rua Comendador Araujo, nº 143, Curitiba, Brazil

Organizado por: DotNet Curitiba
Link para RSVP:

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