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XForms Android ListView IsRefreshing - initial refresh not shown

In our project we have multiple ListViews, with IsRefreshing bound (also PullToRefresh and RefreshCommand) to an observable property in the ViewModel.
Upon loading the page, we run the update command, thus making it reload data whenever navigation happens.

The issue is, this initial refresh is not shown at all. When pulled to refresh, the refresh knob appears and disappears as it should. This happens on both 6.0 and 4.4

Our project employs the new FormsAppCompatActivity with our custom theme (that does not modify anything ListView related).

Could this be related to FormsAppCompatActivity?


  • StefanMobileStefanMobile NLUniversity ✭✭

    I encounter the same issue in Android.

  • I am getting the same issue as well. I have found that adding a Task.Delay() before executing my refresh code does make the refresh animation appear. That suggests that the control isn't fully composed prior to the OnAppearing method being called.

  • lidilidi DEUniversity ✭✭

    I know it's old thread but anyone figured out work around?

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