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Testing a WP8.1 Application


This is my first time developing a mobile application and therefore also my first time using xamarin.

Ive created parts of an application im working on, and im getting to the stage where i wanna add some unit tests. Ive previously had experience with NUnit when making windows applications.

Ive searched the web for xamarin unit tests on WP but ive come up empty handed. On this site they have a few links to WP testing but they are all for WP7 and 4-5 years old so i feel like they are pretty outdated?

How do people test a WP app they created using xamarin? Im using Xamarin forms witha PCL. Ive got like 99% code share at the moment. Im actually only developing for Wp8.1 and nothing else. The primary reason for using xamarin is to learn it instead of learning native WP.

Hoping anyone can give some good advice and point me in the right direction! :)


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