Compile XAML to C#

What options do I have for compiling XAML to C# code? Unfortunately but InitializeComponent consumes too much time. I have managed to hack creating of new controls on different thread so that InitializeComponents and XAML parsing is not invoked from GUI thread, but it still is too slow.

I would like to precompile XAML in Release mode.

I feel that Xamarin team has this compiler, since Xamarin does parsing of XAML during runtime. Could I get hold of this tool to compile my XAMLS?

To demonstrate my issue here is small video -

as you can see - it is not animation but Forms that take unreasonable time to create list components... :(



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  • ReinisLusisReinisLusis LVMember
    edited November 2015

    Great! XAML compilation boost performance noticeably! I can now focus on other issues like layouts and so on!
    Thank you guys!
    edit: Only my app now crashes in Release mode.. but I will figure it out!

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