iOS, Android, Windows, WindowsPhone?

KaiWKaiW DEUniversity ✭✭

Hi all,
I've read through several documentation and watched some videos but I'm still a bit confused.... I want to use the Indie license so I'm not able to use Visual Studio. Is my understanding correct that also with Xamarin Studio I am able to create apps for
* iPhone
* iPad
* Android Phone
* Android Tablets
* Windows (8? 10?)
* Windows Phone (8? 10 once it's released?)
within one single project?


  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Using Xamarin.Forms you can support all of those platforms. Xamarin.Forms is a library. Using Xamarin Studio (the IDE) you can only build apps for Android and iOS, and building for iOS requires running Xamarin Studio on a Mac. Building for Windows Phone or Universal Windows requires Visual Studio, but it does not require a Xamarin license. I don't think that the Xamarin.Forms NuGet package is itself licensed.

    You can still use a single solution even if you need multiple IDEs. You will just have to share the code between them, and unsupported projects will simply not load.

  • KaiWKaiW DEUniversity ✭✭

    Hi Adam,
    thanks for clarification!

    So I think I will create 2 solutions, separated by IDE:

    • In Visual Studio 2015 I will create a solution with 2 Projects: A Universal Windows App project so it will create an app for Windows and Windows Phone. And a Universal Windows Class Library Project which will contain all the backend logic.
    • In Xamarin Studio I will create an app for iOS and Android. There I will import the dll created by the Class Library Project above so that all backend logic only needs to be created once.

    Would that work?

  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    That would work, but I suggest including the actual PCL project in both solutions rather than trying to reference the binary assembly. That way you can modify and build the shared code from either IDE.

  • Amar_BaitAmar_Bait DZMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Why don't you just use 1 solution, and open it in VS 2015 when you want to debug/run WP projects, and XamStudio when you want to debug Android/iOS*. Both VS and XS uses the same .sln and .csproj files and are 100% compatible.

    • for iOS you need to develop on a Mac using Xam Studio for Mac
  • KaiWKaiW DEUniversity ✭✭

    Ok, If that is the better approach I will do that. I do have also an old Macbook where I installed Xamarin Studio but I'm developing on Windows 10 with Visual Studio.
    So now I've created a new Blank App of type Xamarin.Forms Portable in VS 2015. It has projects for Portable, Droid, iOS and WinPhone 8.0. Connection to iOS seems to work fine but I could not compile in VS because even the empty solution is already larger than allowed .... :smile: I've deleted the WP 8.0 project and instead added a Blank App for Universal Windows.... and it compiles :smiley:
    Thanks a lot for your support, Adam and Nad. It's good to know I do not start with the mistakes already at the beginning....

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