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Can't compile for iOS 5.0 anymore

I'm trying to deploy a new version of our app with Deplyment Target = 5.0, but on "Arquive for publishing" I'm getting the error:

/Users/karl/Projects/MyProject/MTOUCH: Error MT0073: The minimum deployment target for iOS is 5.1.1 (current deployment target is 5.0). Please select a newer deployment target in your project's Info.plist. (MT0073) (MyProject)

2 months ago we hadn't this problem on the last update, now our corporate clients need this exactly today and we can't deploy it. Is there any solution? They can't update iOS to 5.1.1 in one eye blink, there are a lot of devices to solve that in a surprise troyan gift by phone with our helpdesk in mobile world where users are working at streets.

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