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How to Perform Storyboard Segue and display the TabBar in iOS?

JustinGolden.5139JustinGolden.5139 USMember
edited November 2015 in Xamarin.iOS

I have a storyboard with a number of views. Most of these views have a TabBar at the bottom of them. When the app opens, it goes to a view without the Tab Bar. When it is time, I call PerformSegue("toTabs", this) to transition from the View Controller to the UITabBarController.

There is a button that you click on one of the views accessed via the tabs. It performs a PerformSegue Modal to another view controller that isn't supposed to have a Tab Bar. However, from that screen, there is a button that is supposed to go to a view controller that has the Tab Bar. This is where my problem arrises. I call a PerformSegue("goToViewControllerX", this), and the View Controller loads, but where the Tab Bar should be, there is just black space. How can I fix this?


View Controller (no Tabs) ->(modal) UITabBarController with a View Controller ->(modal) View Controller without tabs ->(modal) View Controller that is supposed to have tabs

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