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Xamarin Forms: CocosSharp : Semi transparent sprites on Android

IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭

I`m trying to use semiTransparent animations in my Cocossharp project, but they are only working on iOS. On Android they turn all white.

Is there something to turn on to allow semi transparent sprites on Android?

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  • FlippyFlippy USMember ✭✭

    Hi @Illedan,

    I have semi-transparent sprites currently working in my Android project. However, I have not tried this with animations yet so you may want to check that first.

    Also, if you can provide a sample image with semi-transparency, I can test it out with my Android project and let you know what i find.


  • IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭

    Hi, @Flippy.
    Strange.. Which object is holding your image?
    I tried to use an image(Normal PNG from photoshop with transparency..) on a sprite, without animation, still got white a non transparent image..

    Did you adjust some settings?


  • FlippyFlippy USMember ✭✭

    I'm currently adding a semi-transparent png to my game scene's CCLayerColor object. I've attached a sample image with partial transparency. I basically took a sample image and added the partial transparency with Gimp. Try out the attached file and let me know what results you get.

  • IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭

    Didn't work because of Premultiplied alpha :smile: ..
    Had to buy texturePacker to get my SpriteSheet automatically with premultiplied alpha, BUT works like a charm!
    Thanks @kjpou1 !

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