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App crash on startup - Entry Point not found [monodroid_typemap_java_to_managed]

DaveCarsonDaveCarson GBUniversity ✭✭✭

Ok - I have a Xamarin Android app on my phone which was installed via Visual Studio, i.e. a development/debug release. It's been running fine but now fails to open - a brief view of the main activity and then it closed. No notifications and Insights has nothing to go on.

Connecting to Visual Studio and viewing the logcat trace I can see that there appears to be an issue locating a MonoDroid component - but why would this start to happen when I've not changed the installation in a week or so?
Obviously my phone has been downloading app updates for other apps but why would this have screwed with this one?

Logcat output attached - phone is a HTC One M8 running Lollipop which I use day to day.

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  • I've also just started to run into the same thing. It appears to be an issue with the latest versions of the Xamarin framework.

    My app has been running fine on Lollipop for many months and Marshmallow for the last month or so. However, following an upgrade of Xamarin my app installs fine onto the phone (Nexus 5X), but will crash as soon as the debugger attempts to get things going with the 'monodroid_typemap_java_to_managed' related entry exception you mention above.

    It's also worth noting that the previous version of the Xamarin IDE (couple days ago) would hang after installing / attempting to launch the application with a animated 'processing' icon in the status bar but not display any error. The latest version from today (I believe) no longer hangs but displays this exception. So... progress?

    I'll let you know if I find a workaround.

  • DaveCarsonDaveCarson GBUniversity ✭✭✭

    Interesting - although my situation was slightly different in that I was not running the app via Visual Studio. I had deployed the app via VS2015 and it had been running fine on the device for a week or so - although I can't say I opened it every day.

    I've redeployed from VS now and it seems to be working fine - although my 'Compile' and 'Target' SDKs were different - 'Use Latest' and 'Level 23' respectively.
    I'll update going forward to be ensuring that they are both 'Use Latest'

    Thanks for the feedback

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