What is the most efficient chat api provider that integrates best with Xamarin?

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I am wondering which chat API/server provider is most efficient, understandable, cost effective, and easily integrated with Xamarin - the following list:

1.) Buddy - https://buddy.com/
2.) Google Cloud Messaging - https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/
3.) QuickBlox - https://quickblox.com/
4.) PubNub - https://www.pubnub.com/
5.) Socket.io - http://socket.io/
5.) Firebase - https://www.firebase.com/
6.) GameSparks - http://www.gamesparks.com/
7.) ShepHertz - http://www.shephertz.com/
9. )Apiomat - https://apiomat.com/en/


  • AdamPAdamP ✭✭✭✭✭ AUUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    @UserOne - Could you please be a little more specific with your requirements. A lot of the providers you mentioned aren't actually chat services, just push notifications.

    Choosing something is really up to your requirements. If they didn't offer a specific SDK for the Xamarin Platform, you would most likely just connect directly to their API. Compatibility isn't the issue, just features required vs cost is what you need to consider.

  • UserOneUserOne USMember

    I am basically working on developing a basic chat mobile app. So I am trying to review all the available resources to get this done.

  • shivangishivangi ✭✭ Member ✭✭

    As pointed out by @AdamP rightly, most of them are push notification services and services like socket.io, firebase & pubnub just provides the raw skeleton for chat in the form of only sending & receiving messages.
    If you are looking for a chat SDK, try github.com/CometChat/xamarin-chat-sdk-android-demo

    This includes the basic real time chat functionalities plus 20+ additional advanced chat features!

  • Jack_SmithJack_Smith Member

    @UserOne , You may not notice some of the best chat API providers are:

    Contus Fly
    Apphitect IM

    They ruling the market industry better for both chat services & push notifications. You can also try the providers which make best & suitable to build an own chat application.

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