Can't find storyboard template file in Xamarin menu to add to my existing project. What is wrong?


I have been developing a cross platform project (should support both android and iOS) for some time. Now I would like to step up the iOS parts and use the Storyboard concept. From the I can see in the text close to headline "2. Next, add an Empty iPhone Storyboard to the project. Call it MainStoryboard:" that it should be possible to add Storyboard as template. But in the menu "New" / "File" this template is not available, not even the complete iOS template folder.

I'm using Xamarin 5.10 (Build 871).

But if I create a new empty iOS project this template is available (actually the storyboard file then already is created in the project).

Anyone who have an answer to this question?

I have attached the screen dump where this template is not visible.

Best regards Matteus Sjögren


  • AmyBAmyB USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hey @Calstrm, is this the New File dialog that appears when you right-click on your project and select 'Add Files...'?

  • CalstrmCalstrm SEMember


    I solved it now. I had to upgrade my project to Unified API. This action then enabled me to choose among iOS file templates, including the Storyboard template, which I wanted from the beginning.

    Thanks a lot.

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