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Setting window size on Windows 8.1 app


I'm developing a game using CocosSharp 1.6. The solution has startup projects for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8.1. and Windows 8.1. In order to speed up development and allow edit&continue, I an doing the day-to-day development through the Windows 8.1 project.

The game will be ran in Portrait mode only. However, the Windows 8.1 window is in landscape mode. How can I change this? The SwapChainBackgroundPanel which was set up by the CocosSharp template does not allow resizing. I tried to set the app manifest's initial rotation to Portrait, but that just seems to make the window square:

          <m2:Rotation Preference="portrait" />

So... how can I set the size of the window to mimic a phone's size?

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