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Which class and proper parameter syntax for connecting to Couchbase remote server

I am trying to establish the proper class usage and parameter syntax for connecting to a couchbase cloud instance.

For E.G. To instantiate and connect to a local connection to a Mongodb the syntax is "MongoCLient client = new MongoClient();".
And then to connect to a remote Mongodb instance (e.g. Mongolab). The syntax is "MongoClient client = new MongoClient("mongodb://usernamehere:[email protected]:12345/nameofdatabasehere);"
{numbers are not real}

So when using Couchbase lite I am trying to figure out the proper class usage and also proper parameter syntax to establish a connection to a cloud instance like Amazon or Azure.


  • UserOneUserOne USMember

    My initial guess is it uses the Manager class in the Couchbase.lite namespace whereby the overloaded Manager class constructor that takes 2 parameters with the first being a DirectInfo class(which I think takes the string path) and the second being ManagerOptions class - I'm not sure how the parameter syntax though for utilizing Amazon or Azure. Also not sure baout hte manager options.

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