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How do I enable intellisense for android properties? (.axml)

I spend some hours trying to find the solution, yet I could still not find one while seeing posts going back to 2013.

I have read and completed the guide to enable intellisense for android .axml files on this link:

However, this only gave me suggestions for the main components, like EditText, TextView, etc. Basically everything that starts with a <
But how do I enable it for all the properties as well, like android:layout_height? They don't come up. Am I encountering a bug or is this not available?
How do I fix this bug or what custom plugin do I need to get this to work?

I have installed:
Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate (Update Version 4) and Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise (Update 1).
I have installed Xamarin versions:

Xamarin 3.11.1594.0 (a06d6d5)
Xamarin.Android (53fce3730830417896a42f365a5ba35f1ee58d9d)

Besides that, after following those steps at the above link, I get 200+ errors about the schemes settings:

The global attribute '' has already been declared.

Thank you.


  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai
  • RuudFaessenRuudFaessen NLMember

    Thank you @JamesMontemagno, I have tried that already, at first it did not seem to work. Later I found out that I had dublicated Schemes what caused those errors I mentioned and prevented from showing suggestions.

    It is cool that this is a good start but there is so much missing, it is nowhere near Intellij IDEA. Thinks like auto completion between the quote's.
    Are there any free plugins that can do this?
    Is Xamarin working on this?

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