Project type "Portable library" not available

I installed the latest version (4.0.9) on my Windows 7 PC.
I want to create a project of type "Portable library", but it is not available.
(I looked in all subfolders: Recent, C#, Android, ...)
On my collegue's PC it is visible, what can be the reason that this project type is not available.
Can somebody help on this?
Thanks, Frank

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  • MichaelZeljakMichaelZeljak USMember

    Having the same problem, been searching quite a bit but not seeing anyone besides you asking this question. The project type exists in neither Visual Studio nor Xamarin Studio.

  • MichaelZeljakMichaelZeljak USMember

    Frank, look into the Visual Studios addons themselves, I had a hunch to look into them and found the Portable Class Libraries there. I imagine that Xaramin just translates those libraries into each project and doesn't have its own package for PCL which would make sense. Someone correct me if I amw rong, just thinking out loud here.

  • MartinBauligMartinBaulig DEXamarin Team Xamurai
    edited July 2013

    Are you using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012? PCL is included in VS2k12, but you need to install some add-on for VS2k10 (it's somewhere on

    We don't ship any custom PCL profiles on Windows, but use the system-installed ones (so you need either VS2k12 or that VS2k10 add-on).

  • FrankPaepensFrankPaepens BEMember ✭✭

    Michael & Martin: thank you very much for your answers!
    I reinstalled on a PC with Visual Studio 2012 and it's working perfectly now.

  • MichaelZeljakMichaelZeljak USMember

    It supports 2010 too, search for PCL in install frameworks or where ever inside of the dev env itself.

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