Is Xamarin a good fit for this project?

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Hey EveryOne!

I've just been given a project from my university to develop an SMS blocking app for Android. Which should contain the following features

  • Manage block list (add, update, remove a number or name).

  • If user chooses ‘Add to block list’ feature, the application will show all existing SMS in user’s inbox, from which user can select one or more SMS messages for blocking. On proceeding to next step, the application shall add all selected SMS senders’ numbers [or names in case number cannot be extracted] in the block list.

  • Once a number or name is in the block list, any future SMS will not be delivered to user’s inbox, but each blocked SMS will be maintained for a certain period of time by the application as defined by user.

  • The block list will have following menu options:

    • Number of days to keep a blocked SMS in the list [user will specify no. of days from 1 to 1000], after which the SMS will be automatically deleted;
    • Move to Inbox [user can select one or more SMS to move to inbox];
    • Remove from block list [future SMS shall not be blocked]
  • Export blocked list in multiple formats [text, XML file, CSV file etc.]. On export, the application shall save the file to a specific location, and show a message to user indicating where it is going to be saved.

  • Import block list [all imported numbers or names will be added to existing block list].

  • Add series to block list [e.g. 111 to 114 will add four numbers to block list: 111, 112, 113, 114].

  • Sort block list date wise [the date when added to blocked list], or number wise, or name wise.

  • Option to block unknown numbers [so the app will only allow the SMS that is not in blocked list and the sender’s number or name is added in mobile contacts].

So i want to know is this appropriate to develop this app in Xamarin with the help of C# instead of Java . Kindly Assist me.


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