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Xamarin Forms Chart

RafaelAddessoRafaelAddesso BRMember ✭✭
edited November 2015 in Xamarin.Forms

Hi all,

I was looking for a chart component to make some Charts using Xamarin Forms that can be used with IOS and Android.

Then, i found OxyPlot or XLabs easy ways to start doing it.

Using XLabs, i was able to make a chart but i did't found a way to specify the interval the chart need to show, like:

5 -
4 -
3 -
2 -
1 -
-----|----|----|---- |----|

Interval: 1

If 10, it would be like this:

50 -
40 -
30 -
20 -
10 -
____10_20 _ 30__40__50

Is it possible to specify this interval on XLabs component?

And is there any place i can find more examples using both components?



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