Communication error on device debug

Hi all,

I am developing an xamarin forms application that consume an web service.

It works nice when bulding on ios simulator, but today i tried to debug on device (Iphone 5 IOS 9.1) but i am getting the error above when trying to consume my web service:

2015-11-03 00:09:00.652 GLIB.iOS[2192:680677] Communications error: { count = 1, contents =
"XPCErrorDescription" => { length = 22, contents = "Connection interrupted" }

The function i am using is:

public async Task ValidateUser(string user, string password)
string url = string.Format ("{0}&pass={1}", user, password);
var client = new HttpClient ();
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("User-Agent", "Other");
var response = await client.GetAsync (url);
var content = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync ();
return content.ToString();

Is there anything to do to solve this problem?

I am using Xamarin Studio 5.9.8.

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