Control name out of sync in storyboard?

NaboNabo SEMember ✭✭
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I have a storyboard in which I have a UIViewController which displays an MKMapView and on top of that a sliding UITableView. In the table view I have a set of custom cells for different behaviour. When I designed the cells I fiddled and changed the names of the controls in the cells. Now that I run the code and use the updated UITableViewCell controls name I get a runtime null reference exception if I reference the "new" name as the control is not instanciated e.g.
public void UpdateCell (string value) {
this.ItemLabel.Text = value;

However, If I use the "old" name it works just fine? E.g.
public void UpdateCell (string value) {
this.TextLabel.Text = value;

I've double checked the Storyboard file for any references to the old name but can't find it. I have cleaned the solution and re-built with the same behaviour. I would expect to get a build error as the name of the control shouldn't exist. Where could is the name stored?

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