Display Contacts on AutoComplete from above UITableViewCell like iOS Messages or Google Calendar

I want the user to be able to choose a contact as one does in the standard iOS Messages app or even in google Calendar's app. Where the user selects the cell and as they type the contacts fill the below cell's that match the keywords.

Google Calendar has an interesting approach as they cover up the cells below to display updated cells with contacts as you type. I wonder how they achieve this effect, it looks like some sort of overlay. My initial thought is to nest a UITableView in the cell and have that display when the user clicks on it. Or I could create a new view that sits over the other cells and has a UITableView in it that responds to the original UITableView cell's input.

The other option is to remove/Hide all other cell's and add the cells to the existing UITableView as the user types.

What would be the better/smarter approach? I like the idea of nesting the UITableView in the cell but I have read some SO questions where users recommended against this for UI reasons, but in this case I think it fits the UI quite well?


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