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Storyboard broken? ConstraintModelMatcher


I've ran into some serious problems here.

Some time ago i started seeing an exlamation mark on all my view controllers in the storyboard.
I can work with the storyboard and the app builds and runs properly except for that view controllers does not apply constraints when switching to landscape mode.
All viewcontrollers and also new ones i add have this exlamation mark but its only regular view controllers. Not my navigation controllers.
See screenshot

Im using
Xcode 7.0.1
Xamarin stable 5.9.6

Ive tried the new xcode update and xamarin beta channel, however there i cannot even get into my solution since i get an crash warning for SpringBoard that keeps poping up until i reboot the system.

I suspect theese warnings in the storyboard is the root of the problems im experiencing, and i need to resolve this asap.
The storyboard is rather big and it would suck having to start from scratch again, wasting weeks of work :(

Ive tried reproducing this in a new project but i do not get the warnings there.

Attaching screenshot

Best regards

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