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Xamarin Installer Failed at Xamarin.Android with error code 1


I'm installing the Xamarin tools, and when it got to Xamarin Android, I get the following install fail error. What is error code 1, and how do I know how to get around the installation problem?


Error] Command '/usr/sbin/installer' failed with error code '1'
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.559] [Debug] Installer finished without success. Exit code was 1
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.559] [Info] Status: failed.
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.560] [Exception] Installation of software item 'Xamarin.Android' failed with exception.
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.560] [Exception] Xamarin.Web.Installer.InstallException: Installer exited with error code 1
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.560] [Exception] at Xamarin.Web.Installer.MacInstallationArchiveHandler.InstallPkg (System.String path, Boolean needsPrivileges) [0x00000] in :0
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.560] [Exception] at Xamarin.Web.Installer.Installer.InstallationArchiveHandler.Install (System.String path, Boolean needsPrivileges) [0x00000] in :0
[2013-06-26 03:23:58.560] [Info] Status: failed.


  • BrianMainsBrianMains USMember

    I should add I'm using a mac mini. I just bought the computer, and I have done very minimal to it. Also, I don't know much about macs too, so if there are some key setup steps I'm missing, please let me know.

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