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Bottom tab bar menu for android

We are building a cross-platform app targeting IOS and Android devices and we use TabbedPage to implement the menu bar. It works just fine for us but we have only one problem. For Android the tab bar is shown at the top and I haven’t found any ways to show it at the bottom. Our designers urge us to have the tab bar at the bottom as it works for IOS. I am wondering if there is another way for cross-platform solution to implement the tab bar menu where it is at the bottom. Also maybe someone knows how we can render the TabbedPage for Android to have the tab bar at the bottom. It would be the best way for us if it were possible because the app is almost done and we would avoid redoing a lof of code.


  • rmaciasrmacias USBeta, University ✭✭✭✭✭

    The native behavior in Android is to have all tabs towards the top. This is also defined in the Android User Interface Guidelines:

    If your designers insist on a bottom tab bar on Android, then I would recommend they research UI/UX design for each platform. Many times, they're used to designing websites, so they just don't know any better about designing mobile apps.

    The reason you don't want the tab bar on the bottom for Android apps is because many devices don't use capacitive hardware buttons, but use software buttons. This is especially true for many tablet, but there are phones that do this as well. So you'll have a UI that will look similiar to this:

    As you can use in the middle picture, the OS Navigation bar is software based, and not hardware based. It is looks really ugly and can conflict with the tab bar that's defined on the bottom.

    Now with that being said, if your designers still insist, the you might want to look here:

  • alexeyNalexeyN UAMember ✭✭

    Thanks Ruben for a very good explanation, I will try to re-convince my bosses to keep the menu tab bar at the top.

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