Drag one image at a time into screen from a group of images .

Binoy_TBinoy_T USMember

I have 5 images stacked in the bottom of my screen. My game's aim is to drag these images and connect them on certain conditions.(Sort of jigsaw puzzle)
I used the following code
var touchListener = new CCEventListenerTouchAllAtOnce ();
touchListener.OnTouchesEnded = OnTouchesEnded;
touchListener.OnTouchesMoved = HandleTouchesMoved;
AddEventListener (touchListener, this);
void HandleTouchesMoved (List touches, CCEvent touchEvent)
foreach(var tap in touches)
var locationOnScreen = tap.Location;
alarmicSprite.PositionY = locationOnScreen.Y;
alarmicSprite.PositionX = locationOnScreen.X;
pressSwitchSprite.PositionY = locationOnScreen.Y;
pressSwitchSprite.PositionX = locationOnScreen.X;

This code moves all images at once to the touched coordinates. My requirement is to get one image dragged at a time unlike all at once. API and tutorials given in Xamarin and Github in my mind is not that helpful.
Is there a method which allows to drag one image on one touch instance?
Help appreciated


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