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Any Issues With External Devices and Latest Stable (9.0x)

Are there any known regressions with external HW (in this case a Grabba barcode reader) and the latest Stable with XCode 7? I built my bindings with Objective Sharpie and this seems like a binding problem of somekind.

We have .ipa from the pre 9.0 days that works fine on the device (iPhone 8.4 + Grabba) , but when I compile the same code base in the current Stable and deploy, the bacode reader will no longer scan. Deploy the ipa, works fine.

There are no obvious compilation warnings and I can trace through all the iniitalzation and setup of the scanner (there is very little) and it seems to connect. We get the same behavior when deploying it to an iOS 9.0 device.

The really odd part is when I run it in the simulator (8.4 or 9.0), I can get it to scan fine (they have a Bridge app that will connect the HW to the Simulator)

Are there any logs (or logs I can enable) that will let me see lower level failures? This is really baffling.



  • abockabock USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai

    Objective Sharpie doesn't really "build" a binding. The Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac binding projects/tools are actually responsible for taking the binding definition/scaffolding that Objective Sharpie helps generate to produce the real binding assembly.

    Objective Sharpie has its own Clang-based compiler, and doesn't really depend on Xcode at all apart from passing SDK information along to the compiler.

    That being said, I really don't follow what you're asking. I think you might want to ask in the iOS forum.

  • @Adam.Hill
    I have also crashes on a real device. Did you have any solution on your side, or do you have to build the library completly new?

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