Manual installation of components - not all components show on the Components Store

Is there a way to manually install a component? I can download a component from the web component store( that doesn't show up on the component store I see in Visual Studio but I don't know how to add it to my project. It's a zip file that has the same structure as my installed components (component, docs and lib directories) so I guess it should be something simple. The page here only shows how to install components through the Component Manager, but the plugin I am interested in (iRate - does not show up there.
Any suggestions?

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  • KariosKarios USMember

    Boy do I feel silly:) I forgot to mention I am trying to do this on an Android game, and I guess this particular component is iOS only?
    Thanx a lot anyway!

  • BinGaoBinGao USMember

    Thank you.

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