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October 29th: Chicago, IL - Custom Renderers Pt1: Introduction to Custom Renderers in Xamarin.Forms

DavidAllenDavidAllen USDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭✭
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So you’ve been playing with Xamarin.Forms, but you’ve quickly discovered that the controls provided are far too limiting and don’t give you the professional, platform specific look and feel , or the UI functionality, you want for your Apps. Sure you can create composite controls, but you need more, you need to use Custom Renderers. But hang on, there’s no documentation on them, and almost no examples of using them! What are these secretive things anyway?

In this presentation, David Allen from Quantum Mobile Solutions, will explain what Renderers in Xamarin.Forms are, how they work, and show you how you can create your own Custom Renderers in order to create almost any fully native UI experience in a Xamarin.Forms project.

This is the first of a short series of presentations we are planning in which we will show you how to use Custom Renderers to help you use Xamarin.Forms to create awesome looking Apps and solve some of the pressing issues in Xamarin.Forms.

**Chicago .Net Mobile Developers

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