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Can we get more info on a "could not load assembly" error?

I am trying to create android bindings for a third party jar file. They provided me with their jar as well as 4 other fourth party jars. I put all of these jars into a Binding Library. I build the library and included this library into my android project. At this point I've just added it as a reference, I'm not actually calling it.
I get the following error when trying to run my app:

'10-14 12:17:20.671 D/Mono (21614): Assembly Loader probing location: 'BindingLibrary'.
10-14 12:17:20.671 F/monodroid-assembly(21614): Could not load assembly 'BindingLibrary' during startup registration.
10-14 12:17:20.671 F/monodroid-assembly(21614): This might be due to an invalid debug instalation.
10-14 12:17:20.671 F/monodroid-assembly(21614): A common cause is to 'adb install' the app directly instead of doing from the IDE.'

At this point the app crashes. Just to cover all bases, I uninstalled, and I also tried not using Fast Deployment.
I suspect the issue is I'm missing something for the Binding. But the error message is fairly useless.

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