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Await Navigation.PopAsync () - Load the page again.

Good Morning,
In my application, I have a button that has the action to return to the previous page.
To perform this action to go back, I'm using the "Navigation.PopAsync () await", but using it the previous page does not fire any event.

I wonder if there is any way to use the "await Navigation.PopAsync ()" and the page where the navigation is going to shoot to load the page again?

Thank you.



  • AshleyJacksonAshleyJackson GBMember ✭✭

    I have had a similar design with my code, in the end I fired an event in the method that called PopAsync and then consumed that event in the other form.

    Worth noting though - if the data in the first form has been has been bound you only need to update the data rather than have any page events firing.


  • JorgeGomesJorgeGomes BRMember

    Thanks for the help Ash.
    I not quite understand how to perform this action.
    In my code I have a ICommand triggering the "await Navigation.PopAsync ();"

    How would I do that the other form trigger the page load again for example?

    Thank you

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