Problem with creating a new binding library


I'm trying to create a binding for mood stocks augmented reality library. I've hit a problem though with the binding which I'm not sure on how to fix.

The error is that you cannot compare an int to System.Type.

This is fair enough - question is how do I fix this bug?

The sort of method that is throwing the issue is like this

public virtual unsafe string Value
            // Metadata.xml XPath method reference: path="/api/package[@name='']/class[@name='Result']/method[@name='getValue' and count(parameter)=0]"
            [Register ("getValue", "()Ljava/lang/String;", "GetGetValueHandler")]
                if (id_getValue == IntPtr.Zero)
                    id_getValue = JNIEnv.GetMethodID(class_ref, "getValue", "()Ljava/lang/String;");

                    if (GetType() == ThresholdType)
                        return JNIEnv.GetString(JNIEnv.CallObjectMethod(Handle, id_getValue), JniHandleOwnership.TransferLocalRef);
                        return JNIEnv.GetString(JNIEnv.CallNonvirtualObjectMethod(Handle, ThresholdClass, JNIEnv.GetMethodID(ThresholdClass, "getValue", "()Ljava/lang/String;")), JniHandleOwnership.TransferLocalRef);

And the definition for ThresholdType is

protected override global::System.Type ThresholdType
            get { return typeof(Result); }

        protected Result(IntPtr javaReference, JniHandleOwnership transfer)
            : base(javaReference, transfer)





  • PaulJohnson.0531PaulJohnson.0531 GBMember ✭✭

    I've managed to get the bindings to build with the following meta info

        <attr path="/api/package[@name='']/class[@name='CameraFrame']/constructor[@name='CameraFrame' and count(parameter)=4 and parameter[1][@type=''] and parameter[2][@type='byte[]'] and parameter[3][@type=''] and parameter[4][@type='int']]" name="visibility">public</attr>
        <attr path="/api/package[@name='']/class[@name='Result']/method[@name='getType' and count(parameter)=0]" name="managedName">GetObjType</attr>

    Problem is that when I come to build I'm getting the two interfaces the above metadata fixes are defined as protected.

    Any clues as to solving this as it looks like something isn't binding correctly.

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