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Entity Framework 6 in Mono 3.0.10 connecting SqlServer throws a Provider Incompatible Exception

I have created a simple console test application that works fine with Entity Framework 5 that connect a SqlServer DB. Than, I tried to convert the project to work with Mono-3.0.10 by replacing the project reference from MS EF5 to Mono EF6, added a reference to mono EntityFramework.SqlServer.dll, and updated the App.Config file to Entity Framework version I have managed to build the project with Visual Studio 2012 under Mono 3.0.10 profile without any errors.

Now, when I'm trying to run the project under Mono I get an exception:

System.Data.Entity.Core.ProviderIncompatibleException: The provider did not return a ProviderManifest instance ----> System.UriFormatException: Invalid Uri. The format of the Uri could not be determined: System.Data.Resources.SqlClient.SqlProviderServices.ProviderManifest.xml.

Can anyone help, or at least provide a code sample showing how you do it with Mono? Thanks


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