Stable Release: Xamarin Studio, Android M (6.0) IDE compatibility

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This is a feature release to provide SDK bindings and IDE support for Android 6.0 "Marshmallow".

If you find any new issues in this release compared to the previous Stable versions, please do file a quick bug report, and then feel free to add a note on this thread with the bug number. Thanks!

Previous versions, downgrading

You can downgrade back to the previous Stable version by manually reinstalling each old package. See the KB article on downgrading. If you have a Trial or Starter subscription (or simply would prefer an email with all the installer links you need), feel free to contact [email protected] to request the older versions.

Older Mono package versions are not currently listed on But no new Mono package was published for this release. The "" Mono package from September 29 remains unchanged.

Release info


  • XamarinStudio- (6bd1f16)


  • XamarinStudio- (6bd1f16)

Reason for release: SDK bindings and IDE support for Android 6.0 "Marshmallow".

Release notes:

Release date: See

New known issues

  • Bug 35006 - [Android] "Could not load machine data: Stacktrace: at <0xffffffff> ... " when attempting to activate Xamarin.Android. Now hotfixed in Xamarin.Android 5.1.8. (Old temporary workarounds: downgrade to Xamarin.Android 5.1.6 (Xamarin.VisualStudio 3.11.1450 on Windows), or upgrade to the new Cycle 6 feature release testing versions on the Alpha channel.)

Remaining known issues from older release threads

The remaining known issues from older release threads ("Cycle 5 – Service Release 4" and earlier) are unchanged.

EDIT Oct 16: Add Android Bug 35006.
EDIT Oct 20: Bug 35006 now hotfixed in Xamarin.Android 5.1.8.

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