Signature Pad not Closing on Back press of Android

I have added a Signature Pad in Renderer for Xamarin using the below code and

public class ExtendedPageRenderer: PageRenderer
protected override void OnElementChanged (ElementChangedEventArgs e)
base.OnElementChanged (e);

        var activity = this.Context as MainActivity;

        Android.Graphics.Rect rect = new Android.Graphics.Rect ();
        GetWindowVisibleDisplayFrame (rect);

        LayoutParams layoutParam = new LayoutParams (LayoutParams.MatchParent, (rect.Bottom*70)/100);

        var signature = new SignaturePadView (activity);
        activity.AddContentView (signature, layoutParam);



The Signature pad is visible but on back button press of hardware and navigation Signature View is not closing.

Can any one guide me on this...!

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