Are their any libraries or Xamarin components or mono libraries available to read cbz pdf epub files

I am trying to write a cross platform comic book reader app which can read cbz,pdf and epub formats.I am using xamarin for developing the app.I need to display the book like images and slide pages of the book when touch it left to right or right to left.(like available in other comic book apps such as comic rack,comix etc)

1) Are their any libraries or Xamarin components or any kind of Mono libraries available to achieve this ?
2) What kind of control i can use to display the book?
3) I am pretty confusing .I am not sure where i can start this.Can any one give me a good starting point to start this?


  • DavidStrickland0DavidStrickland0 ✭✭✭ USMember ✭✭✭

    As For Control that sounds like a carouselPage. It allows left to right page movement.

    As for where to start I'd take a look to see what you have in the way of Nuget PCL packages for parsing the file types your planning to support. Provided you can find at least 1. Then you'll belaying out pages based on the parse and attaching them into a carousel. Im willing to bet that before your done you'll be doing it all in a custom renderer but dont worry about that now start with what you have out of the box from Xamarin and go from there.

  • ThaboSivaThaboSiva ✭✭ LKMember ✭✭

    @DavidStrickland0 Thank you.Yes Carousal Pages would be a suitable control.Yes I am searching for packages in Nuget.I will update here if i find any useful packages. What i am not sure is ,how this Cbz files need to be rendered in carousal page.Images?Or Stream?or HTML? .If i could find an answer to this , it is easy for me to find some useful libraries.

  • DavidStrickland0DavidStrickland0 ✭✭✭ USMember ✭✭✭

    Thats going to ge the hardest part of your project. If you find a library to parse CBZ that library will likely output the CBZ as one or more of those formats.
    However I wouldn't be surprised to find that there is no CBZ parser ported into a PCL(useable with xamarin). You may well end up having to write one. At which point you'll have to get a copy of whatever standard dictates CBZ and see which of the other file types is the closest and easiest to output as.

  • Sajjad.SarkoobiSajjad.Sarkoobi ✭✭ USMember ✭✭


    Did you find any solution ?

  • ThaboSivaThaboSiva ✭✭ LKMember ✭✭

    @plusboy2 Nope not yet.I am now using sharpCompress for Windows platforms.I need to write my own lib to Android and IOS based on the SharpCompress's Idea

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