October 2nd - Paris, France - Why develop your platform applications with Xamarin?

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about Xamarin and how the platform will benefit you in your development.

Create cross-platform applications from a single shared code base with Xamarin technology and learn to build even better applications.

At this conference, you will get a chance to hear the feedback from the CEGI company that has completed several cross-platform development projects with Xamarin (CEGI is a publisher of software administrative packages, medical and medico-social).

In this special session:
- Presentation: "The development of cross-platform applications with Xamarin" by Thomas Lebrun, consultant Infinite Square and Alexander Popp, Partner Manager Xamarin
- Testimony: CEGI Xamarin chooses for its multiplatform developments
- Questions answers

Friday, October 2 from 9 to 12

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