Using in places of Android.App.Activity

I try to build a PCL application using (for Android) in places of Android.App.Activity as start activity.
Is it possible?
If possible, what about the Forms.Init(this, bundle) ?
If not, how to mix, in application navigation, Android.App.Activity and ?

Anyone knows?

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  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Xamarin.Forms only supports down to API level 14 (source). Since fragments are natively supported in that API level you shouldn't need the support library. Further, you should be using the FormsApplicationActivity base class (introduced in Xamarin.Forms 1.3).

  • AlainAlainAlainAlain FRMember

    OK, you're right: FormsApplicationActivity is the class of my activity instance and I use Android.App.Activity cast to access to the main properties.

    As regards the Support library, I need it through the use of ListFragment which is a 'Support.V4' Fragment => I not able to add this Fragment using the FragmentManager set in Android.App.Activity.

  • AlainAlainAlainAlain FRMember

    I had not seen that ListFragment also existed in simple fragment.

    Thank Adam for your follow-up.

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