Beta Release: Xamarin Studio, Service Release for Xamarin.iOS 9.0

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  • XamarinStudio- (2635bd7)

Reason for release: Bug fixes for Xamarin.iOS 9.0 and the corresponding IDE packages.

Date published: See

NOTE: This is a bugfix release for the Xamarin.iOS 9.0 feature release (that release contained a large number of changes compared to the previous Stable version). As usual, Beta versions have not yet completed the full suite of tests by the Xamarin QA team. That said, customer reports of any regressions (or bugs that are incorrectly marked fixed) are still much appreciated, even if the problem would have eventually been caught during the full QA testing process.

Previous versions, downgrading

You can downgrade back to the current Stable version by switching updater channels.

Guidelines for this thread

  1. This first post will be updated regularly.

  2. The goal of this thread is to help answer "what might break if I update to this release?"

  3. If you find a new problem that is specific to this version:

    a. If you can share some specific error messages or can reproduce the problem consistently, please email the information you have so far to [email protected].

    b. If you only have a general description of the problem, you can post it directly on this forum thread so that hopefully a member of the Xamarin team or another user will recognize it and be able to help fill in some details.

Fixes for known issues from recent release threads

  • Bug 33124 - [iOS] Certain libraries that were compiled by the Microsoft C# 5 compiler (VS 2013) cause "error MT2001: Could not link assemblies. Reason: Can't not find the nested type" during the linking phase of the Xamarin.iOS build process. (For example, any library compiled by VS 2013 that uses an async lambda within a constructor will hit this problem.) Unfortunately this problem affects several existing NuGet packages and Components.

  • Non-public Bug 31424 - [Xamarin Studio] [iOS] Classic API on Mac only: "Resource rules files "" not found". Partial workaround: Enable "Project Options -> General -> Use MSBuild build engine (unsupported for this project type)" and clean and rebuild the project. (The MSBuild build engine does now work for many Classic API projects.)

  • Bug 34220 - [iOS] The new iOS 9 ReplayKit APIs currently hit an error: "Cannot cast from source type to destination type".

  • Bug 34186 - [iOS] "MTOUCH: error MT5212: Native linking failed, duplicate symbol" and "Duplicate symbol in: ... libmonotouch-sgen.a" errors appear if using the -all_load linker flag under "Additional mtouch arguments". Partial workaround: remove the -all_load liker flag.

  • Non-public Bug 33706 - [iOS] Storyboards produce many warnings similar to: "/Applications/ 2015-09-04 18:01:03.651 Interface Builder Cocoa Touch Tool[72838:13678534] CoreUI: CUICatalog: couldn't get 'kMGArtworkGraphicsFeatureSetClass' from MGCopyAnswer got '{ (CollectionView)". These warnings can be ignored for now. The problem is that Xamarin is currently surfacing diagnostic messages from ibtool that are not surfaced by the default Xcode build process.

  • Non-public Bug 34083 - [Xamarin Studio] [iOS] Install error message from iOS device logs: "0xe8008017 (Signed resources have been added, removed, or modified)". Xamarin Studio's "Archive for Publishing" feature does not currently work correctly for Xamarin.iOS 9 apps. It incorrectly removes a symlink for the application .exe, invalidating the Sealed Resources in the code signature. This is known to cause problems when installing apps from HockeyApp, and is likely to cause problems in other situations too. (The problematic symlink is a new feature of Xamarin.iOS 9.) Workarounds: Option A: Follow the steps under "For command line builds on Mac" to build the IPA as part of the build process rather than using the "Archive for Publishing" workflow. Option B (advanced): manually add back the symlink.

  • Bug 34054 - [Xamarin Studio] [iOS] Under certain conditions resuming from a breakpoint when debugging will cause a dialog box to pop up that asks "Where is iOS Simulator?" Temporary workaround: Dismiss the dialog each time it appears.

Remaining known issues

  • Non-public Bug 34173 - [iOS] [Designer] Storyboard fails to load in designer with "There was a problem parsing the XML" for storyboards that contain a <constraint> element with an attribute of multiplier="0". Workarounds: Open the storyboard in Xcode Interface Builder and re-save it from there. Or edit the storyboard in a text editor and manually remove the multiplier="0" attribute.

  • Bug 34205 - [iOS] Changes to WatchKit app storyboards do not appear on the simulator after the first deployment. Workaround: Manually delete the app from the iPhone simulator before re-deploying.

  • Non-public Bug 33695 - [iOS] Attempting to install a new version of an application on device using a different provisioning profile from the original install is not supported by Xcode 7. Unfortunately, the corresponding error message produced by Xamarin does not describe the problem clearly: "error MT1006: Could not install the application ... on the device ... Application Verification Failed Error (error: 0xe800003a)." This error message will be improved in a future release. Workaround: Manually uninstall the app from the device and try installing it again.

  • Non-public Bug 33880 - [Upstream] [iOS] Attempting to stop a WatchKit app in Notification mode does not stop the app. (The same problem occurs with an Objective-C or Swift app deployed from Xcode, so this is an upstream issue.) Workaround: Kill the app manually.

  • Non-public Bug 33847 - [Xamarin Studio] [iOS] The iOS device and simulator names are cut short in the device selector menu in Xamarin Studio. Workaround: Switch to a different application and then back to Xamarin Studio.

Remaining known issues from older release threads

The remaining known issues from older release threads ("Cycle 5 – Service Release 4" and earlier) are unchanged compared to the current Stable channel version.

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