Custom view single instance

I have created a custom view in my PCL project which is used on 2 XAML pages. The custom view has a timer which is started and stopped according to if the view is displayed or not.

It appears though that only 1 instance of the custom view is created and used on both pages!
Due to the asynchronous nature of the views if I stop the timer when I remove one view and start it when I display the second view and the start is called before the stop then the timer does not run!

I have tried using a different x:Name for the view but it still appears to work the same.

I am working on a solution to the problem but I would have thought they would have been separate instances. Unless the issue is with the timer!


  • WayneRichmondWayneRichmond GBMember
    edited September 2015

    Typical, ignore that. It appears I made a property static which affected all instances.

    Isn't that always the case. Post on here then realise your mistake :blush:

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