Huge problem with Storyboard and Container Window

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This may be a bug [a very important one] but still am wondering if maybe I am doing something wrong. Basically, Xamarin won't let me properly size a Container Window in a UIView! This almost renders my entire project useless.

In "any to any" size, add a Container Window. Set the width to 600 points. You will notice that the container window takes all the width of the superview [correct]. Now, switch to "wCompact hRegular"; in my case, the container window disappears altogether. For some reason, switching to this size changes the container window's width to 0!

Change the width to 400 points; the width of the container window will only take half of the width of its superview [as you can see from the attached screen]. Now, add a label. Change its width to 400; you will see that the width of the label takes all the width of the superview [correct - see the attached image]. As such, the problem is isolated to the Container Window only.

Any changes that I make to the storyboard results in a width of 0 for the container window and a height of 1000 or something that keeps on growing with any subsequent change; i have to change it back every time to 400 although, again, even so, it does not size it correctly for the 'wCompact hRegular'.

The problem is that I need to add a table view controller embedded into this Container Window and I need to set autolayout constraints on some images inside the cells of the table view controller. When adding constraints to the TRAILING EDGE of the cell, Xamarin says "Error while creating this entry" for both the first and second items of the constraints.

Even if I add it in Xcode, although Xcode says everything is ok, when reading the constraint in Xamarin, I get the "error while creating this entry" and of course, at runtime, the constraint does not work.

I am wondering if the constraint problem is somehow related to the Container Window Problem; There is no way to know now because Xamarin seems really buggy in many respects.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Xamarin Studio 5.9.7 (build 9) - stable release, latest version as of this post.

Version: (Indie Edition) - stable release, latest version as of this post.

Xcode - Version 7.0 (7A220)

OS X Yosemite - Version 10.10.5

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