My First Xamarin App, questions...

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I recently completed porting about 150,000 lines of code to C#. This is the core of our application libraries, which build database-like structures out of Excel-like files. We use this for import/export of domain-specific data.

I got the core of this working on C#/VS2015 to build a DLL. I then made a second project in the same solution that consisted of a single Windows.Form window with a single button, "Do It", which uses the DLL to open one of these Excel-like files and then sees if it can correctly find expected bits of data within it.

I then took this code to the Mac version of Xamarin. I found that .Net 4.5.1 was not supported so I had to change that to 4.5. This made "using static XXX;" disappear, so then I had to go around and qualify lots of things. And then it compiled!

Ok, my question. I've been trying to run the resulting app. It doesn't seem to want to. If I push the run/pause button it just clicks and then nothing. If I right-click debug, it works. Why might this be? And the first run seems EXTREMELY slow to start. Is that expected?

More generally, what is my next step. The window/form opens on my Mac and seems to do something, but my ultimate goal is to demo on iPad. So where do I turn next?


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  • That's more a performance test, not really appropriate at this point. I'm mot looking for "making your first iPad UI using Xamarin" sort of thing.

    Or do you just use the same Mono forms system on iPad?

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    It's hard to say for sure what's wrong based on what you've posted - you should be able to look at the various logs and output windows to get an idea of what is going wrong.

    For next step, I would suggest stepping back and just following one of the tutorials from the developer site to create a simple app, then iterate from there. Trying to integrate your existing 150k line library into an app will probably be a frustrating way to start - better to learn the basics of creating an app, then work on the integration.

    Feel free to PM me if you want another set of eyes on your code.

  • I think the critical point is this:

    If I push the run/pause button it just clicks and then nothing. If I right-click debug, it works.

    Oh wait... ahhh, there is second setting under the solution level that was not set for some reason. This worked fine in VS so it looks like it's not copying it over?

    In any event, does the Mono.Forms run under iPad? If so, I'll just use that - there's almost nothing to the display anyway, some buttons and text fields.

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