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Unable to find application Mono.Android.DebugRuntime when building with TeamCity and FAKE

DReinholdDReinhold USMember
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I have a problem with my Android app. I have a custom configuration and when I use "Publish Android App..." in VS2015 I get an APK-file that I can install on any device. Now, if I use my TeamCity build server, which is using the following FAKE script:

let androidParameters = [
("DebugSymbols", "false")
("DebugType", "pdbonly")
("Platform", "Any CPU")
("Optimize", "true")
("DefineConstants", compilationConstants.[config])
("AndroidUseSharedRuntime", "False")
("AndroidLinkMode", "SdkOnly")
("EmbedAssembliesIntoApk", "True")
("BundleAssemblies", "False")
("AndroidCreatePackagePerAbi", "False")
("AndroidSupportedAbis", "armeabi,armeabi-v7a,x86")
("JavaMaximumHeapSize", "1G")
("AndroidManifest", manifest)

    MSBuild "" "Clean" [ ("Configuration", config); ("Platform", "Any CPU") ] [ solutionFile ] |> ignore

    AndroidPackage (fun defaults ->
        {defaults with
            ProjectPath = Path.Combine("..", "Eurofins.Env.Mobile.Droid", "Eurofins.Env.Mobile.Droid.csproj")
            Configuration = config
            OutputPath = Path.Combine("..", "Eurofins.Env.Mobile.Droid", "bin", config + @"\")
            Properties = androidParameters
    |> AndroidSignAndAlign (fun defaults ->
        {defaults with
            KeystorePath = <PATH_TO_KEYSTORE>
            KeystorePassword = <PASSWORD>
            KeystoreAlias = <ALIAS>
    |> fun (file:FileInfo) -> 
        TeamCityHelper.PublishArtifact file.FullName

I get a runtime exception saying "Unable to find appliaction Mono.Android.DebugRuntime!"

For some reason the TC-created apk is in some kind of debug configuration. Can someone tell me what settings that can cause this?


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