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Notification on background

I have an event calendar on my app. What I want to happen is, if I have an event entered on a certain day the application will send a notification on the phone's status bar letting the user know that he has an event for that day. So even if the app is closed or killed I want this notification to be still active. And I want to set the notification time at 6 am of the day that has an event.

I've read that I have to use Services, Notification and Alarm Manager but I can't seem to understand what to do first and how to interface these three. Any idea how? Thanks in advance


  • CasperSkouboCasperSkoubo USUniversity, Developer Group Leader

    Why do you want to reinvent the Calendar which is already on the device? I would simply just put the event into the google calendar, then it will take care of notifying the user. You can even specify locations etc.

  • ReynaldoJrDelaRosaReynaldoJrDelaRosa PHMember
    edited September 2015

    @Casper. Tell that to our instructor >_< This app is a school project, so if we only used the existing calendar, then it's as if we don't have a project to pass

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