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Bad first impression (sorry, letting out steam)

Hi. I just bought Xamarin Studio with Android for Windows to create a small game with MonoGame.

My first impression using the IDE isn't quite what I expected though.

  • VI mode is completely broken and very feature incomplete
  • The open file tabs stops responding to any mouse events all the time, and I have to restart the IDE
  • The IDE has crashed several times when opening a debugger for unittests
  • Debugging Android apps doesn't always trigger breakpoints - seems this is per project. Restarting the IDE doesn't help.
  • IDE hints are off - "Hint: Use static" on static methods..
  • Both View and Version Control has V as the shortcut.

And this is by using it less than a day. And I haven't written any of these down while encountering them, so it's just from the top of my head.

Of course - The IDE has a lot of really great features, don't get me wrong. It's just somewhat discouraging when hitting a lot of seemingly easy to fix issues in a very short timespan.
I'm worried that using XS rather than VS (to save money) might have been a bad idea.

Looking at the alpha release, it seems the focus is a new iOS designer, and not bug fixing.

So this is not really a question, just a plead: Please focus more on fixing bugs in existing features.


  • JeffreyStedfastJeffreyStedfast USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Of the 3 people working on the iOS designer, only 1 was a core Xamarin Studio developer. The rest of us have been working on bug fixing.

    VI support was never a priority for us, it was more of a side project for one of our developers. I think there is a 3rd party contributor who has recently started sending us patches to improve it, so it should be getting better in future releases.

    The open tabs not receiving click events is something I've heard other people have problems with as well. You are on Windows, right? (I think this is only an issue on Windows)

    Could you submit bug reports about the debugger bugs you've run into? I don't think those are known issues (or, at least, they are not known to me and I'm the debugger maintainer - tho they are perhaps known by the android guys).

    The IDE hints bug you are seeing should be fixed in 4.0.9, it was a regression in the Source Analysis feature (which is experimental and therefore not currently QA'd - hopefully by the end of the summer it'll be a core feature and no longer considered experimental).

    Don't worry, we are working hard to fix bugs.

  • simendsjosimendsjo NOMember

    Thanks for the reply.

    Vi support: I guess this is an old implementation inherited from MonoDevelop. Few Vi emulators is actually any good. ViEmu is the best I've encountered, and well bucks spent. I'm glad to hear someone is working on it.

    I'll try to report any issues I find, but it's difficult to reproduce the freezes, crashes and debugging issues.. It happens very regularly though, so I'm baffled it haven't been found by your QA.

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