Frame Padding, Can it still be changed?

TimothyTimothy USUniversity ✭✭

I have a Frame surrounding an Entry view. I know the default padding is 20 for a frame but I cannot seem to change this. My XAML looks like this:

        <Style x:Key="standardEntryBorder" TargetType="Frame">
            <Setter Property="HasShadow" Value="True" />
            <Setter Property="OutlineColor" Value="#b6b6b5"/>
            <Setter Property="Padding" Value="1,1,1,1"/>

I set my Frame to have a style of type standardEntryBorder and the shadow (on iOS) and outline work as expected. I cannot seem to get padding to work even though the project builds and runs without any problems or errors.

Is this something that cannot be changed or is there a bug preventing this?

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  • TimothyTimothy USUniversity ✭✭

    That works. I thought about trying that but I figured I'd double check on the Styling seeing as that should have worked.


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