Google Manager Tag problem after update to ios 9

After update xamarin and xcode for compiling ios 9, Google Manager Tag working in IOS 8 but not in IOS 9.
I don't know why in IOS 9 my app closes in splash screen.

I think the problem is Google Manager Tag because if i comment the line below, all goes fine:
TAGContainerOpener.OpenContainer(containerId, tagManager, TAGOpenType.PreferNonDefault, 2.0, this);

Does someone have the same problem?

I may post my code but i think that it works for ios 8 and not for ios 9.
I supspect that the problem is in the update.

Thanks in advance


  • DAN.5153DAN.5153 USMember

    I find a solution with a stupid fix:

    if (UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion (9, 0)) { TAGContainerOpener.OpenContainer (containerId, tagManager, TAGOpenType.PreferNonDefault, null, this); } else { TAGContainerOpener.OpenContainer (containerId, tagManager, TAGOpenType.PreferNonDefault, 2.0, this); }

    I think there are some problems with library.

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