Microsoft POS Service support for scanner in Xamarin plugins

Hi ,
I am using Windows.Device.PointofService API’s in Xamarin Windows Phone 8.1 Plugin. When I am trying to access Default Scanner with the below API

Scanner = await BarcodeScanner.GetDefaultAsync() ;

I am getting scanner value as null every time ,whereas this code is working fine in Xamarin native windows phone 8.1 application.

To let you know the context , Actually we are working an implementation of Xamarin plugin for Scanning SDK.

Please let me know the reason why this is not working as expected and suggest if there are any alternative approach is available.



  • HarishDantuluriHarishDantuluri USMember

    hello, I m facing the same issue. BarcodeScanner.GetDefaultAsync() returns null in Xamarin Forms (WinRT), where as on native Windows 8.1 , it gets the handle / instance.

    Could someone help us out with this issue

  • HarishDantuluriHarishDantuluri USMember

    my bad...i forgot to add the required device capability into app manifest. After this, it works as expected.

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