How to make a navigation indicator in the toolbar?

I need to make certain processes in my App multi-stage, and I'd like to have an indicator of which step the user is currently on. The best way I think this would be shown is to make a small indicator in the toolbar, with the title of the page and a small icon showing the current step (for example, 3 dots, one of which is filled to show which step we're on).

What I can't figure out is how to place this indicator on top. Simply adding ToolbarItems to the ContentPage is not good, because 1) it's right-aligned on Android and not very customizable, especially the font, color etc, and 2) I don't want the indicator to be a clickable item, just a small picture showing the user what the current step is.

Any way to do this in the shared project, and if not, can you point me how to do it in the native code, at least?


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