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Installing VS2015 with Xamarin

MikeNowakMikeNowak USMember

I'm installing new VS2015 on Windows 10 and I see there is already option to include Xamarin.
By default only Microsoft Web Developer Tools and Git for Windows are checked - Everything is 6GB.
Now, after checking C#/.NET (Xamarin) and the size need was increased to 26GB! I Looked what was also checked/unchecked and have few questions:

  1. Common Tools for Visual C++ - for what exactly do I need this? is it necessary to develop apps for Windows Mobile?

  2. Why those were not checked:
    Emulators for Windows Mobile (10.0.10240)
    Emulators for Windows Phone 8.1
    Aren't these necessary?

  3. There were all Android SDKs checked besides Android SDK Setup (API Level 22) Why this one not?

Thanks for help,

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